Kangan Cement

Production of 6000 tons of clinker per day

About Kangan Cement

Kangan Cement Factory in Kangan Province, 14 km of Kangan Road to Assalouyeh in the area of ​​two special economic zones of Pars Energy and on an area of ​​63 hectares. The height of the plant's construction site is about 50 m above sea level and the climate of the region has warm summers and temperatures over 50 ° C and relative humidity of 73% and moderate winters with a minimum temperature of 5 ° C and relative humidity of 61 Percentage.
The Sourjou International Bushehr Company (Kangan Cement), as one of the best clinker and cement manufacturer in the country, fulfills its professional activities on the basis of the following values, with the commitment to meet the requirements of the organization and to achieve the defined goals and prospects. With the general policies of the resistance economy.


Target markets and sales practices

The main geographical areas of focus are the marketing and sales of the company:

  • Persian Gulf
  • East African countries
  • Bangladesh, India 
  • southeast Asia

KCIC has exported to more than 13 countries including:

  1. Kuwait
  2. Bangladesh
  3. Qatar
  4. Saudi Arabia
  5. Oman
  6. Iraq
  7. Egypt
  8. India

The most important sales methods are FOB, CIF and C&F. Other details are negotiable.

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